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Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Contracts are of great importance to any business. With blockchain technology, self-executing and secured digital contracts, known as Smart Contracts, are developed. These smart contracts are the key to automate processes, transactions and agreements. Such automation leads to higher security and cost reduction. Additionally, such a development makes a company get riddance of non-reliable paperwork systems and become more environmentally friendly.

At Cilans Systems, we offer premium Ethereum Smart Contract Development. The Ethereum network allows us to build highly customizable digital contract that will fit the needs of your business. Cilans Systems is your Blockchain based Smart Contract development partner ability to provide you with the best and cutting edge solutions for your organization/enterprize. Our blockchain experts keep themselves up-to-date with latest technologies and innovations and are focussed on provisioning the best technologically amicable protocols.

These smart contracts are customized for any type of industry. They eliminate the need for a middle-person because, once all the rules and conditions are in place, base algorithms executes all the conditions with ability to even revoke themselves in case something goes wrong. Thus, a digital smart contract ensures that all the concerned parties are performing their part, without having any human intervention, thereby, reducing any bias and delays.

Smart Contract Development Services

Smart Contract being a backbone of automation in the entire process is an an integral part of any Blockchain. Cilans team ensures provisioning of the most accurately coded smart contract rules and conditions for your organization. Blockchain’s adherence required to appropriate and correct automation will be ensued by our our Smart Contract Development services. Following are the features

  • Digital Contract Architecture

    Robust and top-notch architecture and workflow hasfor smart contracts to perform seamlessly and as expected.

  • Smart Contract Design and Development

    Customizable and adaptable to any industry.

  • Smart Contract Consulting and Auditing
    Smart Contract Auditing

    Consulting and due-diligence audits and to ensure zero breach and reliable smart contract

  • Smart Contracts Optimization

    An optimized contract can help you waste less Ethereum gas.

  • Build Decentralized Applications (DApps)

    Decentralized Applications provide better security and with Smart Contracts, the application can be more trustworthy with seamless execution.

Benefits of Smart Contract

Reduced Risks and Costs

  • Automation of tasks with code based Smart contracts minimizing or eliminating any human intervention reduces processing cost and conventional contract costs.
  • Since the network is managed by the entire network, as opposed to an individual or party and the process is decentralized the risk of any fraud is eliminated.

More Accuracy & Unchangeable blockchains

  • Smart Contracts eliminates human intervention and hence human errors thereby, facilitating highly efficient business operations.
  • Codes are unchangeable and hence, provide a trustful environment
  • As the human intervention is eliminated accuracy and efficiency increases
  • As the blockchain based system automates the processes the response times are reduced drastically, thereby increasing the proficiency


  • The blockchain based systems are scalable for any data-driven business models.
  • Such a system can be used to accurately monitor date, time, temperature, pressure, weight, and several such parameters.

Adaptability and Responsiveness

  • The system is adaptable and responsive based on the conditions and rules provided in the code.
  • As the blockchain based system automates the business process, it enables you to respond accurately and on time.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

On Hyperledger Fabric/Sawtooth, we develop the following state-of-the-art smart contracts.


Hyperledger fabric provide transparency and authenticity; we use Fabric to develop invoice contracts related to sending invoice ,invoice receipt acknowledgement, payment receipts, and payment received acknowledgement


We develop automated advanced Payment Smart Contract using Hyperledger Fabric that initiates payment to the seller automatically.

Hospital Records

Our expertise enables us to develop customized HIPPA compliant smart contracts for hospital processes and patient records.

Medicament & API Tracking

With these smart contract you are assured that the the medication, API, etc. are tracked using the smart contracts and forms which are in compliance with the governing laws of the countries you deal with.

Academic Records

Our customized smart contracts for Educational Institutions assures the authenticity and security of student records, publications and other institutional processes.

Insurance Policy

Our comprehensive experience in Blockchain smart contract development allows us to make policies transparent and trustworthy.

Claim Settlement

Our proficient team design & develop customized smart contracts to automate/self-initiating claim settlement.


Let us make the transaction between sellers and payers seamless through developing smart contract for wallet.

Digital Certificates

Cilans expert teams develop cutting-edge smart contracts that eliminates third party intervention and fraudulent activities, reduces overhead costs, and provides transparency during digitized record’s validation.


Our experience developers design and build e-warranty smart contract protocols for seamless transactions between concerned parties

Our Blockchain Smart Contract Development Life Cycle

  • Requirement Gathering

    • Gather and document high-level requirements
    • Analyze & understand the upcoming as well as the existing detail requirements
    • Study & recognize the business idea to be infused in Smart Contracts
    • Create a Roadmap
  • Technical Design & Planning

    • Define and Document Smart Contracts
    • Create a detailed Data flow diagram
    • Design Technical Architecture
    • Identify Tasks and dependencies
    • Estimate the efforts for successful execution
    • Identify Delivery Milestones and monitor the deadlines
  • Development & Quality Assurance

    • Alpha Build: Smart contract structure development
    • Perform Quality Assurance Tests
    • Fix any defects identified
    • Beta Build: Smart contract structure development
    • Perform Quality Assurance Tests
    • Fix any defects identified
    • UAT Build: User Acceptance Testing
    • Production Build of Smart Contract
  • Smart Contract Deployment & Upgradation

    • Deploy Smart Contract on Main Network
    • Backlogs Prioritization
    • Deploy new smart contracts

Application of Smart Contracts Development

Smart Contracts developed with digitized protocols will automatically execute and compel the process and concerned parties to follow all the rules and regulations in the same way as a traditional contract would. Following are the major industry sectors which are benefited due Smart Contracts development:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Real-Estate
  • Hospitality