Due to Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) we are not allowed to disclose our Clients or their Company names. Hence, we are using generic name such as Company/Organization/Institution ABC etc.Case studies listed here may have similarity with case studies of other vendors which is purely coincidental.

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Management


Background: Company ABC is a manufacture of several bulk and retail drugs which involve use or permitted narcotics and other restricted raw materials. Being in International markets, laws of every country of purchasers have to be vigilantly followed by the Company.
Problem statement: Our Client had concerns about tracking some of their products which included sensitive (Narc) drugs, bulk drugs and products using current conventional systems which were not connected.Additionally, large volumes of paperwork need to be maintained and tracked due to several couriers, transit points and destinations. This was time consuming. Further, Client wanted to ensure that their shipments were not contaminated and misplaced during their transit and reached their distributors and direct retailers on time.
Solution:Cilans provided a solution in Blockchain technologies where by Smart Contracts to identify each and every drug/raw material outgoing from the Client’s warehouses to every purchaser being tracked including the transit paths and various couriers involved in deliveries. Hyperledger Fabric concept provided expedited development of Public and Private blockchains channels.All the paperwork was to be transformed to several Smart Contracts for authorized personnel to approve to move it down the business process. Tracking would be done through a proprietary mechanism.With a combination of Mobile and Cloud based applications a robust system was developed. The entire systemcut down their efforts by almost 70% thereby leading to huge cost savings and customer satisfaction.

Academic Certificates Management


Background:Institution XYZ is a reputed private University which graduates 50,000+ students in a year. Volumes of marksheets and certificates are generated and awarded. Tracking was done on internal systems and was inefficient. There were concerns of marksheets and certificates authenticity over a period of time.

Problem statement:
Client wanted us to address following issues:
1. Approval and issuance efforts for marksheets and certificates.
2. Authenticity of the issued Marksheet and Certificates.
3. Quickly identifying and tracking of past marksheets and certificates.

Solution:After thorough review of the existing ecosystems in the University, our team of experts diligently identified processes that could be migrated to Blockchain. Our team recommended migration of the entire system for marksheets and certificates approval to Blockchain. We provided a customised version ofSchoolchain, our partner Bloque Lab’s product. Through blockchain each marksheet and certificate were available for approval of authorities with reminders and move up the chain. This reduced the approval and issuance efforts by almost 80%. If anyone tried to tamper with the documents, the entire chain would be brokenand the individual would be identified. Thus, the authenticity issue was resolved. Additionally, identifying and tracking of the past marksheets and certificates became much faster as the data was on the cloud.